Backyard Watergarden

See how we integrated this water feature perfectly into an existing landscape

In this project we installed a small watergarden for our customer. Initially they had envisioned placing this water feature towards the back of their property, however we recommended that it be placed closer to their house, where it could be enjoyed more often. The chosen location was ideal because it allowed us to install this watergarden perfectly within their existing landscape, while creating a focal point in this otherwise unused section of their backyard. Installed in one day, the pond was dug to 3′ deep allowing the owners to overwinter fish outside (if they so chose), but for now they are content with enjoying the sights and sounds of this water feature from the comfort of their patio.


Watergarden, Landscaping, Lighting


24" Bio Falls / 8" Skimmer / 15×18 Liner / 3,100 GPH Pump